The Best Rainfall Shower Head in 2021

As I listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops outside my window, I’m transported to an image of a deserted forest pool, water crashing down the rocky cliffs above me. A low fog caresses the rippling water’s surface, with just a few rays of sunlight peeking through, creating that magically surreal feeling of having stumbled into a sacred forgotten place. I tilt my head back and feel the drops of water slide down my face and breath in the fresh air, and the magic that hangs almost tangibly in every droplet and sound….

Every one of us has had the experience of stumbling into beautiful nature, and even though most of the time we like to curl up inside where its warm as the sky rages, sometimes, when you’re caught outside, you tilt your head back and just get lost in the sky rushing towards you and the incredible feeling of water pouring over every inch of you. Now this is not a moment that happens frequently, or that is even easy to recreate, nor do we necessarily have the time for it. However, the luxury of being fully drenched in water is one that can be captured, and a rainfall shower head is just the way to bring a little piece of magic into your daily routine.

A little less romantically, a rainfall shower head is warm, convenient, and just feels good, but with so many options and so little time, it’s hard to know what is a good buy and what is being oversold, what is quality and what is not. So that’s what we are going to cover today, and I’ll wade through the deluge for you to find the best rainfall shower head to service your needs.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Rainfall Shower Head?

Rainfall shower heads are traditionally considered to be more luxurious, higher-end bathroom appliances, and in my search I found mostly high-quality products. However, it is always good to know the specific qualities to look for when determining your ideal buy. Today, the criteria we’ll be using are cost, function, appearance, warranty, and ratings.

#1. Cost: Normally a major consideration, in this specific category, the cost of a good, durable, rain shower head is incredibly affordable, much more so than I had assumed before exploring the available options. Nevertheless, the cost will be taken into consideration in terms of what showerhead is compatible with each buyer’s priorities.

#2. Function: Some shower heads work better than others, some are designed to switch settings, and others are intended to conserve water. All these considerations factor into the decision-making process.

#3. Appearance: An eye-catching fixture in the bathroom, a nice shower head makes all the difference between chic and drab, and an invigorating start to your day, or a disappointing one.

#4. Warranty: Always good to have security, even the most high-end products have occasional hiccups, and it’s always a nice touch when a company accepts full responsibility for such eventualities. Also, it generally indicates they are pretty confident that their products will not fail.

#5. Ratings: It is very helpful for us to hear from other clients what their experience and hands-on knowledge of the product was and so they can share with us whether this is a hyped-up product or the real deal.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Rainfall Shower Head

I researched a bunch of different rainfall shower heads from many different brands and companies and compiled a table of all their pros and cons, specs, reviews, and general information. Then, I compared these products to each other, eliminating those that fell short in important categories and then fine-tuned by going over each one separately again to make final eliminations.

Finally, I was left with the five best rainfall shower heads available on the market today, which we will discuss in depth. A note before we continue, these shower heads are not arranged from best to worst, but each one highlights a specific strength and reason to buy depending on the individual’s priorities.

#1: NearMoon Shower Head (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The NearMoon Rainfall Shower Head is a rounded, 8-inch shower head with 90 silicon spray holes, providing even and complete coverage. These silicone nozzles prevent limescale build-up and are self-cleaning, so no need to worry about caring for your shower head. Conveniently, this increases not just the aesthetic quality, but also the quality of your shower, as preventing build-up keeps the spray holes clear from impediments, so the shower stream is always clear and strong.

The NearMoon is available in chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black. Its design is modern, minimalistic, and sleek and would be equally suited as a playful touch in a more rustic environment or to complete the look for a minimalistic monochrome decor. The ultra-thin quality helps the rainfall shower head emit water at greater pressure. The head itself is made of solid stainless steel and is therefore strong, durable, and highly resistant to rust. Additionally, the joint behind the shower head ensures 360-degree rotation, so it’s easily adjustable for all members of the family.

Very affordably priced, the NearMoon Rainfall Shower Head is the metaphorical jackpot when it comes to finding quality products that sell for cheap. Due to its straightforward and easy-to-understand design, the NearMoon can be completely self-installed, with no tools necessary and certainly no need to call a professional.

The Rainfall has a strong flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, the American standard when it comes to legal water pressure flow. Also, the NearMoon has an amazing two-year warranty, guaranteeing you good use from your shower head, and attentive customer service in case of problems.

This product was rated very highly by over 4,000 consumers, with praises about the evenness of the water pour from the spray holes, the pressure of the water, and the amazing price. Everyone was very satisfied with the whole design and setup, as well as the complete lack of leakage. The (very) few negative comments seemed perhaps flukes or incorrect installation, as they contradicted so completely the great reports from everyone else.

Overall, the NearMoon Rainfall Shower Head is a wonderful investment for any family looking for that perfect, rainfall shower at an accommodating price.

#2: MESUN High Pressure Shower Head (Best Performance)

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If you can afford a little more when it comes to bathroom amenities, the MESUN High Pressure Shower Head is the pinnacle when it comes to luxury, and the price is pretty reasonable. A large 12 inches by 12 inches square shape, this rain shower head is very thin, truly giving the visual impression of falling rain which is blissfully warm.

The MESUN is entirely made of stainless steel 304, which, due to its high chromium and nickel content, is highly corrosion resistant. Additionally, stainless steel is highly durable. Available in chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel, this rain shower head shows up mirror bright, partly due to the multi-layer plating process, creating an impressive and beautiful appliance for your dream bathroom.

Like the NearMoon, the MESUN has self-cleaning silicone nozzles, protecting the spray holes from build-up and clogging. The nozzles also keep your showerhead from dripping, getting rid of that irritating drip always coming from the bathroom and that unnecessary waste of water.

Included in this purchase is the shower arm, which is 11 inches long, providing plenty of length for shifting the rain shower head to any desired position in your shower. With an intentionally thickened joint in the shower arm, moving your shower head is made safe, as there is no danger of breakage due to a flimsy connection. As everyone knows, a product is only as strong as its weakest link.

The MESUN Rain Shower Head provides a boost of pressure even in areas with traditionally low water pressure. Only using 2.5 gallons per minute, the thinness of the rain shower head as well as the internal air pushing mechanism pushes the water out faster and with more force, so that you can have that rainfall experience so reminiscent of the great outdoors.

Also receiving great reviews from customers all around the world, the MESUN High Pressure Shower Head is so popular because of its large size, good coverage, slim and sleek design, and excellent performance. If you can afford to splurge a little more, the MESUN is the perfect shower head for you and your family.

#3: Voolan Rain Shower Head (Best Spray Option Settings)

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The Voolan Rain Shower Head is another square design with the same dimensions as the MESUN. While it is only available in chrome, the Voolan is another great shower head for those seeking that rainfall experience.

Within its square foot, it fits 144 separate spray holes, really highlighting the effect of the rain shower. The silicone nozzles prevent limescale build-up to protect your shower head from getting clogged, dirty, or from dripping. The Voolan Rain Shower Head is made of stainless steel 304, and so is also protected against corrosion. The stainless steel is polished to a mirror sheen, and so, similarly to the MESUN, is a high-quality, modern-looking bathroom appliance.

Installing the Voolan Rain Shower Head is easy and quick. In 10 minutes you can have a brand new look to your bathroom. With adjustable angles, this shower head is a convenient addition to the morning routine. The Voolan is available in two settings – 2.5 gallons per minute or 1.8 – so Californians can order without reservation, as well as anyone trying to cut down on their shower water usage.

One aspect of the Voolan Rain Shower Head, that makes it somewhat of a rarity in its category, is that it has different spray pattern options, allowing you to change the rain shower experience depending on your preferences or mood. Some of these settings are rain, waterfall, and massage.

The Voolan is priced affordably between the NearMoon and the MESUN, so while still a bit on the higher end of things, not close to the MESUN in terms of price and certainly not very expensive overall.

The reviews for the Voolan were very good. Everyone enjoyed the thinness of the design, and the power of the rain showerhead, however, there were some comments that the angle of the shower arm was a bit awkward and that the self-cleaning nozzles were not 100% effective. Still, the reviewer continued that all that was necessary to fix the issue was to go over the shower head with a hand, and any residue would immediately wipe off.

In terms of the shower arm, the inconvenience depends on the height of the shower installment and the person showering. On the whole, these reviews did not seem to be reasons not to buy the Voolan Rain Shower Head, only considerations to know ahead of time.

If these things do not bother you, then the Voolan is a truly high performing luxurious shower, sold at a very reasonable price. If you’re searching for a rain shower head with many setting options for maximum individual comfort, this is the shower head for you.

#4: WarmSpray Rainfall Shower Head (Best Low Cost)

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The cheapest by far in terms of price of all the five best rain showerheads, the WarmSpray Rainfall Shower Head is a return to the smaller round style represented by the NearMoon. At 9 inches in diameter, the WarmSpray Rainfall has 80 spray holes that work to prevent limescale buildup from hard water deposits, as well as bacterial growth.

The WarmSpray is made of ABS plastic, which is a high-grade plastic commonly used in appliances. This makes the WarmSpray significantly lighter than the other models, as well as a durable product because the plastic cannot corrode over time. The WarmSpray is chrome plated and has an elegant shape, not as thin as the MESUN and Voolan, but still a slim and attractive appliance.

The WarmSpray Rainfall Shower Head has adjustable angles, making it convenient for the whole family to use. This is another shower head that is easy to install, so no need to waste money on calling in a professional. WarmSpray flows at 2.5 gallons per minute and so provides an even, steady spray that is a pleasant full coverage. Additionally, the WarmSpray company offers a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing their product against malfunctions, leaks, and manufacturing defects.

While this product is not quite as prestigious in terms of materials as the other models on this list, when it came to the customer experience, buyers of the WarmSpray were very happily satisfied, saying that it looked very classy and luxurious and that it provided great water flow. One customer exclaimed that he installed the WarmSpray in the guest bathroom, and then it became his favorite place to shower.

With few complaints, this rain shower head is a worthwhile buy and suited for those looking to cut costs a bit while incorporating comfort and enjoyment into the daily grind.

#5: Sparkpod Shower Head (Best Warranty)

The Sparkpod Shower Head has a six-inch, rounded shower head design. Coming in three colors – brushed nickel, chrome, and chrome black – the Sparkpod is made of rustproof ABS plastic and is supported by a brass swivel ball head, reinforcing the durability of the shower head over time and allowing maximum convenience to the user, as the angle of the spray is fully adjustable.

With 90 spray holes, this shower head delivers high powered rainfall pressure and is easy to clean with one swipe of the hand. Installation requires no tools and no previous experience – just a simple twist of the Sparkpod onto the existing shower arm.

Available with a flow rate of either 1.8 or 2.5 gallons per minute, the Sparkpod Shower Head makes it possible to prioritize both conserving water and a high-pressured shower. The price is affordable – not as cheap as the WarmSpray, but not as expensive as the MESUN.

Additionally, this model provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as 1 year guaranteed free replacement warranty on parts broken or malfunctions. While this isn’t exactly why we buy products, it’s certainly a nice touch for those hold-outs who still feel distrustful about ordering things online.

The Sparkpod Shower Head is made out of plastic, however, ABS plastic is considered pretty high quality and is used in the production of many household items and appliances, as well as being pretty popular in shower head usage. Reflective of this, the reviews on the Sparkpod were pretty effusive with customers commenting on the easy installation, the aesthetic niceness of the appliance, and the strong water pressure. Many consumers were very explicit in that the water pressure was so strong that they decided to install the flow restrictor after initially having removed it. For the few who didn’t enjoy this shower head, it seemed to be tied to the lack of the flow restrictor, as the complaints were to the effect of wanting a slower stream.

Since no complaints were leveled against the actual design of the Sparkpod shower head, and any comments as to the longevity of the appliance were positive, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Sparkpod Shower Head to anyone looking for a great bathroom appliance, but who also wants the assurance of a rock-solid warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Rainfall Shower Head Definitely Right for Me?

A rain shower is a wonderful experience. For those who love standing under the downpour, there is none better. However, this does not mean this is the right shower head for everyone. While some people enjoy the downpour feeling, others like the handheld shower head, as reaching different angles is made easier if the shower head is not stationary.

Additionally, for families with small kids or pets, a handheld shower head can be very convenient for bathing and washing off the evidence from an active day. This boils down to practicality and preference. Parents might want a smaller, more versatile shower head, while adults looking for a luxury shower experience might want to indulge in this experience.

Should I Self-Install My Rainfall Shower Head?

Installing things yourself without a professional is always a bit of a risk. What if you get something wrong or void the warranty? However with shower head installation most, if not all, models are designed to be easy to install and do not require a professional.

Each model comes with its own directions, but generally, the most complicated aspect is removing the previous shower head. The new showerhead is a simple twist-on over plumbers tape or with a washer. And voila!

Verdict: Your Best Rainfall Shower Head 

While there are many great rainfall shower heads available on the market today, the five listed above are the highest quality and the most affordable of all the shower heads available in the USA. If you’re looking for an all-around great rainfall shower head, the NearMoon Shower Head has no competition in terms of performance, cost, and look.

If you can afford a little more and are trying for maximum coverage, then the MESUN Rainfall Shower Head is your ideal choice. Finally, if you’re hoping to cut costs and still enjoy that special showering experience, then the WarmSpray Rainfall Shower Head is perfect for you.

I hope this article has helped you along in your decision. All the best and happy holidays!

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