The Best Handheld Shower Head With a Hose in 2021

I remember the first time I realized that handheld showers were a thing. Growing up in my parents’ house, we always had a fixed showerhead, and so an all-angles deep clean wasn’t something that even occurred to me as a possible reality. It took flying halfway around the world for me to experience a handheld shower, and while juggling the showerhead and the shampoo takes some getting used to, the whole thing makes a great deal more sense than the fixed version that requires some maneuvering to make sure everything has been rinsed off.

Added to the attraction of the handheld shower is its versatility. It can be either held or affixed to the wall in its attached wall fixture. So while newbie me had some difficulty in the original adjustment, the trial period quickly gave way to understanding that, as loyal as I am to the American version, sometimes Europeans get it right too (just kidding, my European friends). Specifically, they’re not wrong about the advantages of a handheld shower.

In the States, the shower is much more of an aesthetic part of the home. The technology allowing for a flexible metal attachment between the pipes and the showerhead is relatively new, so static showerheads were much more fashionable because they were more attractive to look at. Today, however, there are many handheld showerheads available on the market, so now style and sensibility are joined in the handheld showerhead. In this article, we’ll discuss the things to look for before buying your handheld showerhead setup and which are the best of the handheld showerheads available on the market today.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Handheld Shower Head and Hose?

It’s always frustrating when you want to take the time to thoroughly research and make a good purchase…but also have no time. Already upsetting, frustration mounts as the market is inundated with at least a million (a slight exaggeration) different brands of the same product, all claiming to be God’s gift to humanity. So when making your purchase, it’s important to know what criteria to use as a benchmark. While searching for your ideal handheld shower head with hose, the criteria to look for are cost, function, appearance, warranty, and ratings.

#1. Cost: Impossible to like it, and impossible to live without it, the cost will always distinguish between what we can and cannot afford. Luckily, shower head with hose systems tend to run on the cheaper and more affordable side of household appliances. However, there is a big difference between something selling for $20 and something selling for $80, so the cost will always come into consideration.

#2. Function: What settings the showerhead provides – if it’s a fixed and handheld, dual model, or just the one – all of these are things to consider. Added benefits, like a longer hose or a powerful spray, could be the difference between a dissatisfactory shower head and the one that’s just right for you and your family.

#3. Appearance: For those who take pride in their home, appliances must be subtle, classy, or striking, but most importantly, they must mesh beautifully with the whole. Considering how frequently we use a shower, it is especially depressing if every time you look at your shower you see cheap ugly plastic. Certainly not a very good way to start the day. Or if your spouse is the one who cares. An even worse way to start the day. So the look of the showerhead will also play into the overall decision-making process.

#4. Warranty: Obviously, all the products we buy are bought with the expectation that they won’t cause problems, however, it’s always good to have a safety net, and a warranty is a nice, safe place to land if suddenly our shower head with hose stops performing the way that it should.

#5. Ratings: Ratings are by far our most objective way of judging the veracity of a product. While the company might exaggerate slightly the wonderfulness of their merchandise, a consumer is much less likely to brag about a company’s product. Instead, the reviews and ratings are an honest reflection of the user experience – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Handheld Shower Head With a Hose

I researched many different brands of handheld showerheads – the most reputable brands as well as the less known. When I had a list of about 20 good ones, I combed through the profiles of each one, and then compared the benefits and the user experiences, narrowing my list down until I had the five best ones selling today. The following list is not from best to worst but is a list of five high performing, well-loved models, each tailored to serve a specific need for different consumers with different priorities. So let’s begin.

#1: WASSA High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead with Hose (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead by WASSA is an all-around great buy for anyone looking for a straightforward, handheld showerhead with a hose. Silver with a chrome finish, the WASSA has a classic rounded style that looks modern and sleek. The nozzles are grey and made from Medical TPE, which is purported to prevent build-up from hard water and heavy minerals.

Included within the WASSA purchase is the showerhead itself, which is made from ABS. In addition, the stainless steel 5-foot shower hose, shower arm mount, Teflon tape, washers, and an installation guide are also included, ensuring that everything you need for self-installation is supplied within the initial purchase.

The WASSA Handheld Shower Head is very affordably priced and provides 9 different stream settings, among them combinations of misty, saturating, and massage, making it a pleasant experience suited for people, pets, and even babies. The water pressure is amazing at 2.5 gallons per minute, the highest water pressure available in the States.

The WASSA company provides a full coverage warranty, guaranteeing replacements or refund for faulty merchandise. Additionally, the customer ratings and reviews were outstandingly positive, with one consumer relating how the company contacted him to gift him a free showerhead that he had been previously unable to receive the previous year. With great performance and truly stellar reviews, as well as an extremely affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the WASSA Handheld Shower Head with Hose.

#2: Waterpik High-Pressure Shower (Best Shower Head)

Unlike the WASSA which is a simple handheld that can be placed in a fixed position, the Waterpik comes with two showerheads, one fixed and one that is handheld, which can be used simultaneously for a luxurious showering experience.

The dual shower system is made of ABS with a chrome finish. The overall look is one of modern practicality. With incredible 12 spray settings options (6 per showerhead) including pause, the Waterpik is a high performing system well worth the significant price hike from the WASSA.

Included within the Waterpik package is a 5-foot hose, washers, the bracket holder, and both showerheads. Installation is simple, and there is no need to have any tools on hand. The flow rate, similarly to the WASSA, is 2.5 gallons per minute, which means the Waterpik is capable of delivering Power Pulse shower massage.

Due to the lack of water conservation technology demanded by state governments, this product is not available in California, Colorado, and New York. Conversely, this is exactly what makes it possible for the Waterpik to supply such a powerful stream. So the absence of flow restrictors to conserve water has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with your priorities as a consumer.

The Waterpik Dual High-Pressure Shower comes with a limited lifetime warranty and truly stellar reviews. People said that installation was easy, that the system looked good and worked even better, and that they enjoyed the myriad options provided like mist or massage, or a combination of the two. The only reservation discussed by customers was that, if both shower heads are used simultaneously, the water pressure is slightly lessened. As this is a common and unavoidable occurrence with dual shower heads, this is no reason for alarm and certainly does not detract from the overall quality of this great product. If you can afford to splurge a little on the pricier side, the Waterpik Dual Shower System is right for you.

#3: Moen Engage Magnetix (Best for Eco-Friendly)

The Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Shower Head has a unique design. While there are additional buying options provided with the Moen, like purchasing a shower rod in addition to the showerhead and dock, the cheapest version includes a showerhead, hose, and docking fixture. The price is comparable to the Waterpik, so definitely on the pricier side, however, this shower head is definitely for a very specific type of customer.

In essence, it’s the opposite in performance to the Waterpik. While the Waterpik specifically concentrates on giving you maximum water pressure with 2.5 gallons per minute, the Moen is ergonomic, cool, and ADA compliant, providing 1.75 gallons per minute. It has a total of three flow restrictors, which inhibit your water flow and cause you to use less water over the same length of time. Understandably, this causes a noticeable decrease in water pressure.

While consumers who were simply looking for the strongest water pressure possible were disappointed with the Moen, buyers who understood the purpose to be water conservation found this to be a luxury, ideal purchase. Heads up! To those who are crafty among us who are thinking about removing the flow restrictors, the Moen is reported to be very difficult to modify.

Eco-friendliness is not the only aspect of the Moen which is uncommon. Instead of a slide-in or clip-in wall fixture, this model has a magnetic docking, so that attachment and detachment are made easy. The body of the Moen Engage, while round like the others, still presents a different, more refined aesthetic, and is available in two colors – chrome or spot-resistant brushed nickel. Like the other two models, the Moen Engage offers many different settings, allowing you to choose among massage, rain, pause, and more.

The Moen company offers a limited lifetime warranty, so if there’s ever a problem with your shower head the company covers costs and replacements. The ratings on the Moen were excellent, with one customer commenting that the anti-kink technology in the hose really works and that the Moen was generally excellent in performance. With great reviews and many fans, the Moen Engage Magnetix is a great purchase for anyone trying to conserve water and cut down on their water bills.

#4: Briout Handheld Shower Head (Best Low Cost)

Significantly cheaper than any of the five models discussed here, the Briout Handheld Shower Head makes no compromises in quality. With an ABS body, chrome finish, and stainless steel hose, the Briout is a quality product that provides 5 comfortable settings, among them power mist and rain massage.

Within the purchase is included the showerhead, the 5-foot shower hose, Teflon tape, flow restrictors, shower bracket, and washers. The Briout is also designed with self-cleaning nozzles, preventing build-up of limescale and bacterial growth. Installation is easy and satisfying. In the space of five minutes you can have a high pressure, leak-free showers.

The Briout Handheld Shower Head with Hose runs at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and has a standard, rounded shape. The company guarantees user satisfaction years after purchase, with the assurance that they will replace any leaky/faulty merchandise.

Happy, satisfied customers gave this product an incredible rating score, saying that while the packaging was underwhelming, the showerhead itself was perfect – strong pressure and flow but soothing and not harsh. A great buy for anyone looking to cut costs, the Briout Handheld is certain to meet your spa showering dreams.

#5: Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower and Hose (Best Honorable Mention)

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While not the cheapest handheld showerhead, the Lokby is another quality alternative and not nearly as expensive as the Moen or the Waterpik. Enclosed within the packaging is everything you need to install, including plumbers tape, an adjustable ballpoint wall fixture, showerhead, hose, gaskets, and washers.

The settings provided by the Lokby showerhead are massage, rain, power rain, mist, rain and mist, and pause. These settings provide all that is necessary for each and every member of the household, from those who want a power wash and massage to the baby and the pup who need a gentler stream.

The Lokby is specifically designed to fix low water pressure and delivers your water at higher velocities for maximum satisfaction. Also, the Lokby receives honorable mention because it seemed to generate the most customer satisfaction when it came to extracting and reattaching the showerhead to the wall fixture. While this sounds like a small thing, it can be very frustrating to struggle each time with removing and then replacing the showerhead, while trying to either relax in your shower or be as quick as possible to start the day. Other than the Moen, which is considerably more expensive, the Lokby was specifically mentioned by consumers as having a smooth in and out glide.

The nozzles, like the other models, are easy to clean and prevent limescale build-up. The chrome, rounded exterior is simple and aesthetically attractive, and the quality ABS and steel hose are guaranteed not to rust.

While there was no information on the warranty provided by the Lokby company, the customer reviews were many and enthusiastic, as well as remarks that, if installed correctly, this showerhead and hose setup would not leak. A great buy, anyone looking for an affordable but luxurious shower should feel completely confident getting the Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower and Hose.

Verdict: Your Best Handheld Shower Head With Hose for You

If you’re looking for an affordable but high-quality shower head, then the WASSA is the right one for you. If you can afford to spend a little more and want that ergonomic touch, then the Moen Engage Magnetix is perfect for you and your family. Finally, if you’re trying to cut costs and you need the best of the cheapest models available, then the Briout Handheld Shower Head is your best bet.

As always, I hope this helped simplify a difficult vetting process for you. Have a good day and happy shopping!

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