The Best Delta In2ition Shower Head

The Delta company is a respected figure in the business of kitchen and bathroom appliances, so it makes sense for the conscientious shopper to decide on this brand when deciding to buy a new shower head. Since its original establishment in 1954, it has been a leading American company, reputed to provide excellent service and high-quality merchandise. An essential tenet of Delta is their drive to implement new and better designs, hence the Delta In2ition Shower Heads. With this deluxe line of shower heads, each design is a merge of stationary and handheld for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the one downside to the In2ition line is that there are so many to choose from. It can be difficult sometimes to know which one is the right one for you – a problem made difficult because they’re all good, all from a reputable source, and all backed by the company limited lifetime warranty. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits provided by each model so that you can make a speedy and informed decision about which model is right for you.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Delta In2ition Shower Head?

As previously stated, when buying within a line of products, in some ways they bear marked similarities, so choosing which one is right for you and your home can be a bit of a challenge. While usually comparing warranties would be a weighing factor, in this case, Delta offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their In2ition products, so this is no longer a considerable factor. For this study, the main criteria we’ll discuss are cost, function, appearance, and ratings.

#1. Cost: Always important and never far from our minds, the cost will always weigh into any decision we make, whether it’s a new house, splurging on restaurants, or even what shower head we buy.

#2. Function: Some shower heads provide more settings than others, some have different means of attaching and detaching, and some are much simpler in design. Depending on your needs and also what shower experience you’d like in your home, function factors in to determine which shower head is right for you.

#3. Appearance: When setting up your home the appliances play a huge role in the overall look of any room. Specifically in the bathroom, a nice shower setup can take dingy to chic and outdated to modern, as well as completely ruin the effect of a newly renovated space if chosen artlessly. It’s good to know your options and know what you’re looking for, so we’ll discuss the look and shape of each of the shower heads we mention.

#4. Ratings: The most honest arbiters of truth, reviewers can be loving and enthusiastic or scathing in their anger and dismissal. It is their honesty that is most endearing to us, as it’s a great way for us to know in the real world how the product performs. The manufacturer can tell us it’s great with innovative technology, but the consumer can tell us that the product has an awkward construction and that the hose leaks.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Delta In2ition Shower Head

I researched the Delta In2ition line and selected a bunch of different models, eliminating them one by one based on the above criteria until they boiled down to a list of the five best shower heads to serve different needs. Those that had customer complaints or low ratings I discounted, as well as the ones that were priced much higher while not offering much more to recommend them than the other models, or the ones that provided fewer shower settings. Finally, before we begin, it’s important to note that these are organized not from best to worst, but to highlight the different perks of each Delta In2ition shower head.

#1: Delta 4-Spray In2ition 58467 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The Delta In2ition 58467 comes in two colors, chrome or stainless, and has a unique, new-age take on the classic two-in-one shower head shape. With nondescript Touch Clean spray holes, that can be cleansed of any mineral deposits with a swipe of a hand, the shower head is easy to maintain and very easy to install. It seamlessly blends with any bathroom décor.

The flow rate for the 58467 model is a strong 2.5 gallons per minute, providing ample water flow and making possible the more intense spray settings like fast massage and full body with massage. For those wanting to conserve water while they shave or lather, the Delta In2ition 58467 also comes with a pause setting, slowing the water to a trickle so that there is no water waste without losing that ideal temperature. With a 60 inch hose, the detachable handheld shower head is long enough to reach all corners but short enough not to hit the ground, saving you from premature cracking and maintenance issues.

The pricing on this Delta model ranges depending on the color you pick, however, both prices are relatively affordable, especially when compared to the average selling price of a high-quality shower head on the market today. As mentioned above, all of the products in the Delta In2ition line come with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning that this purchase is a guaranteed, safe purchase you can make with no worries of backlash.

The customer response to shower head 58467 was very positive, with a very high satisfaction rating and comments about the flow. A necessary caveat is that in the US 2.5 GPM is the maximum allowable flow rate, which is further limited in some states. To the extent that this product received negative reviews, they were based on consumers wanting a stronger, more pressurized flow. Shoppers who were not sufficiently satisfied with the flow rate removed the flow restrictor and were then satisfied. Additionally, people commented that this shower head felt well made and sturdy. All around, a great and trusty buy for anyone looking for that perfect combination of rain shower and handheld, the Delta In2ition 58467 is a safe buy for any home and any family.

#2: Delta 5-Spray H2Okinetic 58480-PK (Best Shower Head)

The Delta 5-Spray H2Okinetic 58480-PK is much more on the luxurious side of things when it comes to look and performance. Available in a range of colors including venetian bronze, polished nickel, matte black, and more, the Delta 58480-PK is specially designed with H2O Power Drench technology, with some spray holes that enlarge the water droplets, creating a pleasant dichotomy of smaller to larger drops while you shower.

H2OKinetic maximizes your water flow, giving you a satisfying showering experience. The spray holes are self-cleaning, ridding themselves of buildup and bacteria that like to collect there. Adaptable and mountable on any shower arm, the H2OKinetic has Delta’s MagnaTite docking that allows the shower head to home in and easily detach or reattach to the main shower head frame magnetically.

While Delta H2OKinetic works to provide maximum shower flow and has a current of 2.5 GPM, for those among us willing to give up the addictive experience of water raining down on you in a strong stream to be more environmentally conscious, the H2OKinetic is also provided with a flow rate of 1.75 GPM, so conservationists and shower zealots alike can find their ideal shower with the 58480-PK. In addition to all its other spray settings, among them massage and full body, H2OKinetic also provides that sought-after pause setting, so that you incur no additional water bills from useless water usage. Finally, a simple diverter switch lets you shift among handheld, fixed, or both, giving you total control in tailoring it to best suit your needs.

Understandably, the Delta 58480-PK is on the pricier side and is much more of an investment than its predecessor, the Delta 4-Spray 58467. However, since the warranty has such wide coverage (limited lifetime), it provides a nice safety belt so that the jump into shower head commitment is made with security.

With great reviews, many customers said that they preferred the Delta H2OKinetic without the flow restrictors, for that non-governmentally regulated shower feeling, and included specific instructions on how to remove them effectively. To each his own – most people were very satisfied with the strong pressure provided by the original construction. One person went so far as to say that 18 months after purchase, she contacted customer service with a problem and they replaced the problem piece immediately.

With great specs and better feedback, as well as trustworthy customer service, if you can afford to splurge on consistently great showers, the Delta 5-Spray H2OKinetic 58480-PK is the shower head for you.

#3: Delta 4-Spray 75486C (Best Look)

The Delta 4-Spray 75486C is an aesthetically nice shower head, available in chrome or spotshield brushed nickel. The classic rounded shape is offset by the intriguing floating ring illusion that the shower head takes on when the handheld is detached. A quality shower head like most of Delta’s In2ition line, the 75486C is made of ABS plastic with a metal hose for high-quality performance and leakage prevention.

Added benefits to the Delta 75486C are the TouchClean spray holes and the Spotshield tech, which keep all aspects of the appliance clean and stain-free. The four stream settings include massage and the must-have pause, so that a rainfall shower can be swapped out for a massage setting to ease tight muscles and a pause to conserve water while lathering.

The cost for the Delta 4-Spray 75486C is remarkably on the low end of things, not coming anywhere close to the price for the Delta 5-Spray H2OKinetic. Coupled with this is Delta’s limited lifetime warranty, which is just a nice cherry on top of a quality buy.

Another shower head that received great reviews from its customer base, the Delta 4-Spray 75486C was praised as being a nice aesthetic piece, with one reviewer going so far as to say that the bathroom is now her favorite room in the house. Others said that while the shower head was nice, they wanted a higher water pressure, which was achieved after removing the flow restrictors.

Overall a worthy buy, for those looking for a shower head that stands out and looks high quality, this is the perfect shower head for you.

#4: Delta 4-Spray 75582D (Best Low Cost)

The Delta Faucet 4-Spray 75582D has (predictably) four spray settings, including the much sought after pause function. Available in chrome, this model has a unique square shape for the outer fixed portion, giving it a flair in a market ruled by circular appliances. With a water pressure flow of 2.5 gallons per minute and options like soft or slow massage, another nice perk that Delta has with all its In2ition line is the TouchClean spray holes, allowing you to clean your shower head with ease and prevent buildups like mineral deposits or bacteria.

Significantly the most affordable of all the quality Delta In2itions, the Delta 4-Spray 75582D cuts costs by being entirely plastic. While most shower heads (even the most expensive ones) usually are made from high-grade plastic called ABS to cut down on weight, the 75582D has a plastic hose, which while obviously not as nice-looking as the more aesthetic metal versions, is a significant contributing reason why this version is so incredibly affordable while still providing a quality showering experience. Included in this purchase is Delta’s limited lifetime warranty for extra security, so for those nervous shoppers wanting to get quality, this is a risk-free purchase.

The Delta 4-Spray 75582D was highly and widely reviewed, with many saying that they were very content with this purchase. One person even said that after four years of use it was still going strong.

Admittedly, this is an all-plastic appliance so not on par with the other models, however, for those looking to cut costs (I get you!), this is the perfect shower head for you.

#5: Delta 5-Spray 58569-SS-PK (Best Water Saver)

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We discussed previously that the H2OKinetic could be adjusted to be more or less water conscious, however, if you’re specifically looking for something more eco-friendly, then the Delta 5-Spray 58569-SS-PK is exactly what you’re looking for. Available in four colors – champagne bronze, chrome, stainless, and venetian bronze – the 58569-SS-PK also has a really nice shape and design – truly a beautifully engineered shower head.

In addition to all these more superficial advantages, the Delta 58569-SS-PK uses 20% less water than other appliances, officially with Watersense technology, a big advantage in conserving water when you shower. Nevertheless, the flow rate is uncompromised, with pressure at 2 gallons per minute and 5 spray options, among them pause, full body spray, and fast massage.

With the Delta perks like Touch Clean spray holes for easy cleaning, this In2ition model ranges in price from less to more expensive, however, it generally remains middling in cost and so is completely affordable for those committed to saving the world, despite the best efforts of the rest of us.

With the limited lifetime warranty, good results are guaranteed by the company, as well as the happy customers who purchased this shower head. A bit ironically, the complaints lodged against this product were that it was only pleasant to use once the flow restrictors had been removed, which semi-defeats the purpose of buying a shower head with a restricted flow. However, to each his own.

Overall, a beautiful shower head and a great purchase, if you’re trying to cut down on your water usage this is the perfect shower head for you.

Is a Delta In2ition Shower Head Right for You?

The calling card of the Delta In2ition is that it is a two-in-one shower head set up so that any In2ition will always have a fixed head with a handheld that detaches for easy use. This is very convenient for when you want the benefits of standing under the spray, but also of being able to manipulate the stream at any angle you choose.

A known feature of the two-in-one shower head systems is that, while technically possible to use both fixed and handheld simultaneously, this decreases the pressure of both streams, as essentially you’re taking the same amount of water and just diverting part of it into a different direction, resulting in getting weaker streams in both heads. While not necessarily a problem, this is something to keep in mind when envisioning future showers where both the fixed and the handheld are delivering high pressured streams.

Installing Your Delta In2ition Shower Head

Installing your Delta shower head is designed to be as easy as possible, and most, if not all, delta shower heads can be self-installed.

Begin by wrapping the plumber’s tape approximately three or four times around the threads at the end of the pipe outlet. Try to tighten the tape around all the threads except the last one closest to the mouth of the pipe, so that if your tape gets stringy, it won’t get into the pipe and clog the works.

Next twist on your main shower head, until you have a tight seal. By hand is completely fine, so as not to nick the fixture with heavy-duty tools.

Next, attach the shower hose to the fixed shower head, and check that the washer is sitting inside the hose so that the seal is tight.

Finally, attach the handheld shower head to the other end of the hose, once again making sure that the washer is in place. Hang the handheld on the fixed shower head, and you’re all done. Enjoy!

The Ones That Got Away

Of the five In2ition shower heads detailed above, there are many included in the In2ition line that didn’t make the top five cut. This had to do with many different reasons, varying for each model based on specific shortcomings. Some were eliminated because their prices were higher for the same function than one included on the list, others because their reviews were not as good, while others just didn’t have much to recommend them. Below are three more models (with Amazon affiliate links). We’ll discuss why they were excluded from the top five.

The Delta Faucet Linden 17 series T17294-RB-I is a nice shower head, similar in aesthetic design to the Delta 5-Spray, but more expensive, and includes only 4 spray options instead of 5. Additionally, while the snap-in attachment is perfectly functional, it is not as convenient or impressive as the other, magnetic options. The Delta 4-Spray is available in four colors, which while they look perfectly nice, are equaled or surpassed by other models mentioned above. Finally, the reviews for the Delta 4 spray are not very enthusiastic. While older reviews praised this model, the more recent ones complained that this shower head was hard to install and there were very few that were truly enthusiastic about this shower head, as opposed to other models where consumers were more effusive.

The Delta Faucet 4-Spray Touch-Clean In2ition 58065-RB-I is another good-looking shower head that didn’t make the cut to the top five. While affordably priced and offering four spray settings, as well as available in four colors, this Delta In2ition design was eliminated mainly because its reviews are not particularly good, with too many people complaining about the poor water pressure.

The Delta H2Okinetic In2ition 58473-SS has a unique, square design, that looks like nothing else available on the market. It is available in many colors, all of them nice and aesthetically appealing, and the ergonomic design is convenient. However, the Delta 58473-SS falls short in a couple of areas. Firstly, it is incredibly expensive – something which I did not find a specific reason for considering that this shower head provides fewer spray setting and amenities than other much more affordable options that made it onto the list. Additionally, the reviews were not great, with people saying it began peeling right away and the stream was quickly clogged. Due to these considerations, the 58473-SS was not included in the final presentation.

While these or other models not mentioned might work perfectly for someone, the five shower heads included in the above list were determined based on how they compared to all the others in price, function, aesthetic, and ratings. Other models are great, but the five listed above scored the best in all four categories. If you possess different priorities to the ones addressed with these five models, it might serve you best to choose a different design, however, if you fall into any of the above categories, then these are the perfect In2ition shower heads for you.

Verdict: Your Best Delta In2ition Shower Head 

If you’re looking for the all-around best shower head then go for the Delta 4-Spray In2ition 58467, with its affordable pricing, excellent ratings, and quality shower delivery.

If you can afford a little more, the deluxe Delta 5-Spray H2Okinetic 58480-PK has no downside, looks polished, is highly rated, and delivers a luxurious shower with H2Okinetic technology.

Finally, for my budgeting pals out there, if you’re trying to watch your pocketbooks then your ideal choice is the Delta 4-Spray 75582D, which with its trendy shape and shower quality, makes you almost forget that it’s plastic, and if that’s not enough, the cost certainly makes you forget that it’s plastic!

Wishing you all the best of luck. I hope this article helped to clarify for you which to choose or what you’re looking for. Now we’re in the heart of the winter season and with Christmas right around the corner, stay safe and stay warm.

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