Tug's Tees

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Tug's Tees

These are some of the tees we offer for sale. Just email your size

and order info including name, address, and sizes and how many needed.

We will place your order and have it mailed directly to you. All products are

priced at $20.00 which includes packing and shipping.

anchorlight@bellsouth.net or call 256-338-6554

AnchorLight short sleeve Tee

Tugboat Maggie tee

Long sleeve Tugboat Maggie Tee

Long Sleeve Bass Masterson Tee

Tugboat Maggie Mug

AnchorLight Bag

Short Sleeve with pocket

Long sleeve AnchorLight tee

Short Sleeve Bass Masterson Tee

AnchorLight Mug

Bass Masterson Mug

Tugboat Maggie bag

Bass Masterson Bag