Activities on site and off

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So much to do!!!


There are many ways to spend your time while staying at AnchorLight. The pier is a wonderful place to soak up some sun or cast out a line fishing or how about a swim? Water is accessible via a stairway from the pier. In winter time the beach is prominate and it is lots of fun to hike around the whole area by beach.  We have  a small inflatable kayak for your use and also a rowboat. The island nearby has always been fun for our guests in that many of them like to take the rowboat over and around it. The firepit is great fun for the winter or summer. Located with a beautiful view of the lake you can cook hot dogs or smores anytime you wish. How about enjoying a movie at the top of the lighthouse, pop some corn and enjoy one of the best views of the lake.












Natural Bridge

   Formed millions of years ago by an underwater river, the bridge spans 148 feet in length and 60 feet high. The bridge itself consists of a mixture of sandstone and iron ore. It is said to be the longest natural bridge east of the rockies. The park itself opened in 1954 to the public. It has long been known that the Creek Indians lived in this area and probably used the bridge itself for shelter. Along side of the bridge is an Indian stone head. It is not known however, how he got there. Perhaps an Indian chief or some type of symbolism for the Indians.



: A Day at Natural Bridge