"Maggie' the tug

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"Maggie's" story.... Maggie has been sold... This is for history only...

Captain Jon worked for many years in the oil industry as a tugboat captain, but hurt his back and had to quit the job he loved.  Shortly thereafter we decided that we would love to have a tugboat  of our own.  Therefore, I began searching on the internet for a tugboat that fulfilled our specific desires.  I discovered one in Vermont and decided that we would look at it during our vacation in Maine.  As I planned for our vacation, I plotted each day of travel and made reservations for each night.  One of the nights was to be spent in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.  As I looked for a hotel, I noticed several pop-up advertisements for the town.  One described a yacht sales company and a little boat. We contacted the seller. Needless to say, we also stopped to see her on our vacation.  It was love at first sight!  We did not even want to look at the boat that we had originally planned to see.  We found out that our little tugboat had been used at Mystic Harbor Seaport to assist in harbor operations. There had been a stack fire in her and she desperately needed repair, but we were up to the task.  We decided to make an offer for the boat and the seller accepted.  We then had her transported to Lewis Smith Lake where we made the repairs and discovered that the stack fire was caused by a speaker wire.  We replaced the damaged stack with one from a steamboat that I found in New York.  Maggie, the tugboat, is well loved on the lake.  Everyone recognizes our little tug and her distinctive whistle!!  Once again, God had supplied not only our needs, but also our desires within our means.