The Story behind AnchorLight Lighthouse

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AnchorLight Bed and Breakfast




Captain Jon is  a 100 ton Master Captain in the United States Merchant Marines. He was also in the United States Navy where he served as coxswain of a Captains gig carrying dignitaries on deep sea fishing trips as well as working as a 2nd class engineman on board a 200' ocean going tug "The USS Salinan".  He continued his nautical career while attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.  He has been the captain of  pleasure boats and also commercial  boats.  When he first started his career he spent most of his time piloting pleasure boats from the coast of Florida to the Bahama Islands.  After he received his degree in Aviation Technology, he  started working  in the aircraft industry . Captain Jon has had the opportunity to wear many hats in his lifetime. He has been a disc jocky,  owned and operated a wonderful Bar-B-Q restaurant, a pilot, a manager for Cummins Engine Company, an aircraft inspector, and has even boxed in the Golden Gloves Akron Ohio light heavyweight division!  But after doing all these things for many years he returned to his true passion, the sea, where he was employed as a tugboat captain in the oil industry.  This was a job that he really loved!  Previously, we had decided that we needed more room in our home; so, while Jon was out on his trips, he began sketching and designed the lighthouse!  During one of Jon’s sea excursions, he severely injured his back and was not allowed to return to the job that he loved. Since leaving the tugboats Captain Jon has also had the opportunity to be Captain on a paddlewheel riverboat "The Bama Belle", taking excursions on the Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, Al. Jon and I have done most of the work on the lighthouse for the past 2 years, but on occasion have had help from many of our friends, family and our church family. For that we are truly grateful to each and every one. On many occasions, Jon and I have struggled to complete the lighthouse, but we have made a commitment to God to use the lighthouse as a reminder that He is the light of the world.  Since committing the project to God, He has sent us numerous material blessings, people to help us, and people who need our help.  In addition, He has given our family many opportunities to witness to others about our faith.  We are thankful to God, as He has always provided our material and physical necessities as well as many, many extra blessings. Captain Jon and Maggie have 5 children and 19 grand-children and 3 Great-grandchildren(that total is always subject to change).   The name of the lighthouse, AnchorLight Bed and Breakfast, signifies that Jesus is the light of the world and the anchor of our faith.  

“Our anchor holds and grips the solid rock.”    



 "I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in the darkness, but have the light of life."

                                 John 8:12